Experience the PPEEC Difference

The Pennsylvania Public Entity Energy Consortium (PPEEC) is a grass-roots consortium recently organized by school districts in Central Pennsylvania.

It is managed by an Executive Committee that consists of school superintendents and business managers.

PPEEC was organized under provisions of the Public School Code, PA Procurement code, and PA Utility Commissions Act which allows school districts to partner with other state government entities to maximize savings and support local businesses. PPEEC currently manages 11 clients that represent 172 locations.

Compare your current energy provider with the services PPEEC can provide and you’ll see the difference.

Membership Owned and Managed
Free Membership
Completely transparent and un-biased
Invoice Review, Audit, and Correction (supplier & utility) *
Tariff Analysis *
Bill Consolidation and Payment
On-Line Cost and Usage Reporting and Benchmarking *
Shop All -Suppliers for the Best Price – Unbiased energy shopping
Flexible Services – Only choose the Service that you want
Includes ALL public entities for greater buying power to ensure the greatest savings
Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, and Coal coming in 2015
*Offered by some, but with PPEEC it’s included for no additional fee