1. What is the Pennsylvania Public Entity Energy Consortium (PPEEC)?

The Pennsylvania Public Entity Energy Consortium is an unbiased, state-wide, not-for-profit, energy purchasing cooperative for Pennsylvania’s public community.

  1. Under what State Laws was PPEEC organized?

PPEEC was organized under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Public School Code, the Pennsylvania Procurement Code, the Pennsylvania Utility Commissions Act, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, and other applicable laws as an Energy Consortium.

  1. Who owns the energy consortium?

The energy consortium is owned and operated by its participating members. The consortium is managed by an Executive Committee comprised of participating members.

  1. Can members join the consortium without using any of its programs?

Yes. Joining the consortium is voluntary and members can select their level of participation.

  1. Specifically, what services will PPEEC provide its members?

PPEEC will provide its members with Strategic Energy Procurement, Tariff Analysis, Invoice Review and Audit, Bill Consolidation and Payment, Online Reporting, Facility Benchmarking, Budgeting Services, Sustainability Reporting, and Regulatory Representation.

  1. Is there any fees to join PPEEC?

No, there is no fee to become a member of PPEEC.

  1. Are there fees for individual programs and how are they determined?

Yes. The Executive Committee sets the fees for the various services that PPEEC will provide. Initially, the Executive Committee has determined the fees as follows:

  • Natural Gas Program: The fee will vary ($0.005-$0.02/therm) based upon what type of purchase program you’re participating in.
  • Electric Program: Fee’s are determined by your State classification.

These fees include all of the services mentioned above.

  1. If a member joins the energy consortium but does not opt in for any services will they get any benefit from the consortium?

No. But, a member could sign up though for Invoice Review/ Audit, Bill Consolidation and Payment Services for an initial cost of $200/m, with the understanding that the District will become a full participating member upon their next energy contract renewal.

  1. How will PPEEC manage the energy data of its participating members?

PPEEC will obtain, on behalf of its members, the gas and electric supplier and utility invoices, audit these invoices for accuracy, and make any necessary corrections with the suppliers and utilities. PPEEC will then consolidate the monthly energy invoices and send one bill to the member who will pay PPEEC. PPEEC will in turn pay the supplier and utility invoices on behalf of its members. PPEEC will also enter all of the monthly energy data including posting all invoices to its proprietary energy management portal, Resource Advisor, where members can view their monthly energy invoices and have access to cost and usage reports as needed.

  1. Who can I contact if my question was not addressed here?

If you have any additional questions and for more information, please contact our Client Advocate, Bob Haffner, at 216.375.1234 or robert.haffner@se.com.